Tercera is a certified woman owned web development firm specializing in responsive web apps, both custom and WordPress based. Founded by Sara Inés Calderón and based in Austin, Texas, Tercera firmly believes that a diverse team will achieve the best results. After spending years in the typically male dominated software development world, Sara Inés started Tercera with a vision of a female-led organization incorporating a wide variety of backgrounds and talents.

Tercera leads the way by working with a wide group of developers from all walks of life, and the company is piloting innovative concepts like training formerly incarcerated women, and women with no formal education, in web development. We aim to be the best technology development firm bar none, while doing the right things for the industry and the world. Click here to meet Sara Inés and learn more about her vision. Check out her latest interviews here, here and here.

Tercera’s development process begins with really listening to clients and understanding their needs, Sara Inés’ background as a journalist aids her in working to tell stories through technology, rather than just building websites. Tercera works on creating solutions that meet clients’ immediate requirements and can grow as they grow. Sara Inés and her team know that clients are interested in building their businesses, their brands, their causes — Tercera is here to take care of the technology.

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