Sara Inés

Welcome to Tercera! I’m Sara Inés Calderón, founder and Principal, and I can’t wait to tell you all about Tercera. The journey to building this company began with a strong desire to build the best development firm possible — which meant bringing together top talent from across the spectrum of backgrounds, gender, and ethnicities. I am frustrated with the missed opportunities I’ve seen in the male centric technology industry where homogeneous teams produce homogeneous products. I feel strongly that a team built with a wide variety of people achieves better, more innovative results. Most of all, I want to build an organization where I would want to work. That’s the vision for Tercera.

I love creating technology that solves problems, and I especially enjoy collaborating with my clients to create the technology solutions that drive their personal mission — whatever that may be. Because I want to pair great tech with my client’s particular needs, I need the best possible people on my team, driving my passion for growing the number of women and people of color working in this industry. Tercera works with technologists from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom are excited to collaborate on finding and building the best tech for our clients.

A little bit about me: I started my professional development at Stanford University, where I earned an undergraduate degree in communications. I spent several years as a journalist, working in print and digital, where I first began tinkering with web development. My love of storytelling served me well in journalism, and I believe it continues to serve me in software development. In 2014 I made the transition to technology full time and since have taught myself much of what I know, ranging from traditional technologies like C# and SQL, to modern front end frameworks like Angular and React, to mobile technologies like React Native, PhoneGap, and WordPress. Today I am the Director of Women Who Code, Austin, and I’m also a graduate of a community leadership program, Leadership Austin. I am a frequent speaker on technology issues, especially on topics involving diversity and helping women succeed in the field. I love bright colors (especially green), dangly earrings, nail art, and Star Trek the Next Generation.

My fervor for technology goes beyond building great solutions. I see web development as a career path to a sustainable life for a wide variety of people. To that end, I’m working on an initiative to teach formerly incarcerated women, and those without formal education, how to code. I hope to create a career path for people re-entering society after prison, thereby end a vicious cycle of poverty, crime, and incarceration.

If you’d like to check me out, see my LinkedIn or personal site.

Enough about me! What’s on your mind? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!